Saturday, May 27, 2017

The beach / The fire

In the morning I drove my car through the car-wash. Some huge truck before me didn't fit too well and made the whole thing come to an emergency stop. It was fixed pretty quick so that was OK. Exciting no? ;-)

Late afternoon Simone and I went to the beach. The weather was great. Naturally, I had to go for a swim eventhough the water is still pretty cold.

Around 5PM we noticed the tide was coming in and people infront of us were moving to higher grounds. Surely it can't be that bad is what I was thinking at that time...

But pretty soon there was nothing left between me and the sea except for a few meters of sand.

As the water kept coming closer I denied the tide totally and started to build a dyke around me. Afterall that's what we do here ;-)

It didn't work and in the end we moved TWICE to get away from the water... But all in all we had a lovely time at the beach!

In the evening I looked outside at the back because I thought it was going to rain. But my weather-app on my phone wasn't showing any rain clouds, very strange. But then I noticed sirenes and looked at the emergency services website and saw that there was a huge fire going on close to my work. So I looked out the front and saw this... All the smoke was coming in our direction, we smelled it later in the evening. It was still going when we went to bed.

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