Thursday, June 8, 2017

The unit.

So for some years I've been dreaming of my own shop (work space). I was s'posed to get one in Australia where there is sooo much room but that didn't happen. Today I came across this storage unit that can also be used as a work place for private use. If I ever get a shot at owning one myself, this is it, I can feel it.

So... this garage (one of these doors) is brand new and real cheap for what you get. I would be the first owner. Let's have a look :-)

This is the meter box in another garage, just for reference because mine doesn't have a meter yet.

That's the meter box in the unit I looked at. Pretty empty still. No worries for now since the days are pretty long here ;-)

There's also fresh water coming in, amongst other things.

There's a sewer connection.

The space is BIG. It's just as wide as my current garage but it's twice as long and 3 times as high. (3 floors actually)

View towards the back.

Left side.

Right side.

The door opens straight up, nice.

Meter box.

Meter box.

Ceiling. Problem: How do I replace a light tube as they are 8 meters up? ;-)

Thickness of the walls.

The "street".

Front of the building.

It was great and now I'm going to look for a way to finance this gem...

Back at the ranch Silver was trying to hunt down a pigeon. Now, if there's one thing he will never be able to do it is hunting because he constantly chatters from over-excitement. I could hear it 2 gardens away so I think the pigeon had a bit of a clue as to what was going on ;-)

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