Monday, June 5, 2017

The zoo

Today we went to the zoo called "Hoenderdaell" which is close to Den Helder, an hours drive up North from us. I'd never been there and it's not an area where one would expect a zoo because it's mostly flat grass. The only animals we see in this area usually are cows...

So here are some photos of a lovely day in the zoo:

These guys went out on an adventure by themselves but got caught... Now they were being directed towards their habitat...
Their other friends were already waiting for them to return ;-)

The Makis were the best attraction. We went to them during feeding time twice. Some of them had little baby makis with them.

During feeding they like to see from above to look for food. I was a perfect lookout point for them ;-)

And when they see food they are gone, jumping from shoulder to shoulder.

The zoo is also a sanctuary for lots of animals like the bears from a few photos back but also for lions, tigers and panthers. The zoo buys them from circusses that do now want them anymore. Great cause I think.

When we got home I had a not so fun job to do: photographing the damage that was caused by someone opening the door when we were passing looking for a park at the zoo.

There's damage on the window rubber from the mirror being squashed against it.

Damage on the mirror's base.

The worst part is that the folding mechanism now folds in the mirror too much, hitting the already damaged rubber every time.

This is how the damaged mirror folds in...

This is how the other one folds in which is how it should.

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