Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bye bye dentist!

I went to my dentist to have two old fillings replaced. I used to like them but not too much anymore. She's doing an OK job but I don't like the place itself. They waiting room has scary shit hanging on the wall and does nothing to make me feel less uncomfortable.

Hence I was not feeling very bad when I told them I'm switching dentists. I'm going to Simone's from now on. They have a nice practice.

When I was done I walked into town, past one of my favourite spots: The fountain at Frederiksplein, which is now also a Pokestop...

I like the real look better. Pity it was raining a lot...

When I got home, a welcoming gift from shops in my new hood was waiting for me. It had lots of freebees and discount vouchers in it.

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