Saturday, August 13, 2016

The little trip, day 2.

So here's day 2 of our little getaway. Let's start by showing you around our hotel for a bit. We stayed at the Postillion in Haren.

The general interior. Old carpet, mostly stained. It's kept clean but it looks very aged.

The hotel basically consists of 2 buildings. The front building is where the reception, restaurant and conference rooms are. It looked OK. In the picture above you see the back part, where the hotel rooms are. It didn't look very fancy to put it mildly...

Our room had a lovely early 80's design. That's probably because it was installed in the 80's.

But: The room was clean, the bed OK (though, quite small) and it had a clean, hot shower with plenty of water coming out so that was good.

After breakfast we took off on our bicycled that were included in the hotel-deal. The weather was nice and it was a nice ride.

We stopped to get coffee at an icecream shop. I loved the little icecreams on the side!

Church in Haren.

After our bike ride we checked out and drove to Groningen to see what was going there. Big surprise, a Saturday market!

The kibbeling (fried cod) was very nice!

There were real pigeons and Pokemon pigeons.

To make most of our time and because Groningen didn't have much more we wanted to see, we drove to Franeker so I could show Simone the oldest working planetarium in the world:

This man Eise Eisinge made a planetarium in his living room's ceiling which has been working since 1781!

The insides of the planetarium clockwork.


Eise Eisinga's planetarium. Worth your time!

Next up was a little harbour town called Harlingen.

The inner harbour.

We had dinner close to the outer harbour.

After a lovely dinner we went back to our car and drove home.

It's been a fun two days together :-)

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