Friday, August 12, 2016

The little trip, day 1.

Simone and I went on a little trip together, near Groningen. On the way there we stopped at the "Afsluitdijk" which is the dyke that was created to turn in-land sea into a sweet water lake.
In the middle of the dyke there is a tiny restaurant where you can get lots of different foods and drinks. From the outside it doesn't look like much...

But inside it looks awesome and it's really cosy. You gotta go if you've never been :-)

The dyke. Left of is the sea, on the right is sweet water.

Look who's there!


When we needed to get more petrol this beauty was doing the same.

It's a Mercury Marauder. Mercury was the "luxury" division of the Ford company.

I chatted with the owner a bit until Simone got impatient ;-)
Thanks for letting me talk to this guy sweety! X

We drove straight to the German border, to a place called Bourtange. It's a tiny fortress-village.

There was a funeral going on...

... and there was also a wedding at the same time... Simone made this awesome shot of the bride and groom. Please notice the bride's lovely shoes ;-)

We got to the hotel late afternoon. Staff was good but the hotel is really, really, really ready for renovations!

After dinner we went to Groningen to walk around a bit. There are some nice buildings there.

The Martini-tower. It is NOT named after the drink ;-)

Town-plan in bronze.

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